Sizing Advice and Caring for Your Shoes

Ladies Kilim Shoes
Our ladies kilim shoes do come up quite generously in size. If you have a standard width foot or narrow shaped foot we would recommend going down a size to that of your usual size. If you have a wider fitting foot, you will probably be ok in your normal size.

Our kilim shoes might feel snug and stiff to begin with but don’t panic! After a few hours of wear, the kilim will begin to mould around your feet comfortably and the shoes will give as much as they need too.

If you shoes feel a little big, but you don’t want to do down a size for length, we recommend a double cushioned inner sole!

Men’s Kilim Shoes
Our men’s shoes some up quite standard in size. If you have a very wide foot we would recommend going up a size. Like a leather shoe, our kilim shoes will mould around your feet with a few days wear.
Ikat Shoes
Our ladies Ikat shoes should feel comfortable as soon as you slip them on. If the Ikat feels a little snug, they will give a little across the front but not massively, so they need to fit relatively well from the word go! They come up as a standard size, but a little narrow in fit if anything. If you have a wider shaped foot, we would recommend going up a size. If they are a little big when you go up a size, we would recommend a double cushioned innersole, this never fails to do the trick.
‘She who dares’ Sneakers
Our sneakers are so comfortable its like walking on clouds (I imagine)! They come up as a standard size, a little big if anything. If you have a narrow foot, we would recommend going down a size. Our sneakers are made in sizes 36 – 41.
Ladies Kilim Shoes
Our kilim shoes are very hard wearing and don’t need a lot of looking after, just like a kilim rug! Try to avoid wearing them in the rain, but if you do get your shoes wet, allow them to dry naturally and stuff with newspaper to keep their shape. If you get your kilim shoes muddy, wait for the mud to dry and brush it off.

Our shoes are leather soled, if you would like to prolong their life you could ask your local cobbler to attach a rubber sole to the leather. We would definitely recommend this if you want to wear them aprés ski as it stops you slipping on snow!

Ikat Shoes
These shoes are hardier than they look! When they are starting to look a little tired or dirty, scrub them with a nail brush using warm soapy water and they will revive themselves! Stuff them with newspaper so they keep their shape and allow them to dry.
‘She who dares’ Sneakers
You can either treat these similarly to our ikat shoes or you can throw them in the washing machine. The silk colours may run ever so slightly in some cases, however, they will still look great, and they will come out very clean! We wash ours on a 40-degree wash for an hour. Be sure to take the laces out first (and put those in separately, depending on the type of lace). Stuff them with newspaper after washing (so they keep their shape) and allow them to dry. To date, mine have made it through 6 times and still look great, however, please don’t treat your sneakers as invincible! They are amazing, but they aren’t magic!

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