'She Who Dares' Sneaker

Can a pair of shoes change the World? Probably not, but they can take steps to help! We will be donating 10% of profits from each pair of the Sneakers to help children and young women around the world get the start in life that they deserve.

We will be splitting the donations into a few different categories. The first will be to Moranguinhos (Little Strawberry) Community School. We visted this school in the Rio Favelas two years ago when we went to Brazil to watch the Olympics. The teachers (most of them volunteers) were doing an amazing job and the children were so bright, but they didn’t have the resources that they needed. Hopefully we can help change that!

There are lots of other causes that we would like to help too, but The Little Strawberry School is something to start with! We will keep you updated on Social Media and our Website (page currently being created) on the progress and how the money is getting used. Hopefully creating the ultimate Girl Gang!

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