Our adventure so far

World Secrets was built from a love of travel, colour and shoes! As well as the belief that…

life is too short to blend in

Handmade from colourful antique Kilim rugs and Ikat Silks, each item is one of a kind. All our designs are practical yet playful, focusing on quality so you can’t help but smile when you wear them. It all sounds pretty smooth sailing in these short paragraphs, but as my grandpa said…

nothing worth doing is easy

I started World Secrets in 2012, whilst working as a rural surveyor following 3 years at the Royal Agricultural College. Prior to this I had done a brief stint at Art college. But soon after starting the job as a surveyor, it was obvious I was not suited to sitting behind a desk or auctioning sheep at market!

The idea behind World Secrets was born from a fascination of beautiful fabrics discovered on adventures. Different countries have such diverse fabrics and designs reflecting their stories, culture and traditions. However, the products made with them often lacked quality and style. My aim was create something unique and different yet timeless and focused on quality.

I had things made in Morocco, Thailand and India, but by trial and error, and after a few mistakes, we now have all our shoes and accessories made in Turkey by two families who are amazingly talented and great people. The art of working with Ikat and Kilim has been passed down through generations, and I am so proud that I get to work with these guys on my designs.

World Secrets eventually pushed surveying aside, so I quit the day job I had worked hard to get, and entered into a world of unknowns.

In May 2019, Dad, Tom and I started to build a studio, which is now World Secrets HQ. We completed the build at the end of September 2019 just in time for an opening party! It was a great experience learning the different processes and working alongside my dad, and I think the team would agree a lot of hard work. But we now have the most fantastic offices, showrooms, and storerooms, all sat on a pig farm in Devon.

It is definitely not what you expect to find in rural Devon, complete with its Victorian carousel Horse, Rainbow walls, Golden Pineapple lights and Grass Floor. Someone said…

a bit like falling down a rabbit hole and ending up in wonderland

…and that was exactly the experience I wanted to create.

Our Studio is open, all we ask is that you give us a quick call before to make sure there is someone in the office to help you!

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